Hog Wild Eats

East Northampton St.

1. Black & Blue
Bacon wings, nachos, pasteles (baked Argentinian empanadas), bacon sweet treats
Alcohol: beer, bacon-infused martini, margarita, bourbon bacon and rum bacon infused cocktails

2. Just Plain Crazy Face Art
Face painting

3. The Chef’s Duds by Deb
Adult aprons, children’s aprons, embroidered kitchen towels, embroidered pillowcases

4. Traditional Greek Sweets
Baklava, saragli baklava, galaktoboureko, pita chips, fiery red feta spread, red pepper hummus, portokalopita, spanakopita

5. Amazon Fresh


7. Habby Fruit Hot Sauces
Habanero fruit-based hot sauces, 7 flavors; blackberry, raspberry, mango, apricot, apple garlic, caribbean peach, apple garlic diablo, gift packs

8. Allied Personnel Services
Promotional and advertising

9. Bark Play Love
Pet bandanas & matching scrunchies, leashes, treats, clothes, bow ties, candles

10. Poppin Kettle Corn
kettle corn, soda, water

11. Xplorer Spirits
Packaged product only. potato vodka, american gin, bourbon/peanut butter whiskey, honey/peach/chocolate bourbon, pa dutch apple pie

12. Greek Meat Guy
pork belly gyro, fresh cut bacon fries, bacon baklava, loaded gyro fries

13. The Angry Chourico
The Angry Chourico & pork belly, bacon bifana, bacon parmesan garlic fries, garlic shrimp & bacon fries

14. Artofsin Trading Co.
Custom oak barrels, cutting boards

15. LV Rocks
Rock climbing wall, $5/Climb
Bungee jumping, $9/5 minutes

16. Waffl’d
Fat elvis – vanilla waffle topped with peanut butter, banana, & bacon; spicy pig – cornbread waffle topped with hot honey and bacon

17. Virella’s Sweets
cupcakes, pastries puff

18. Token 249
Noodle bowls, pencils, bath bombs, candles

19. Duchess Cookies
Cookies and twizzle cookies

20. Riverside Barr & Grill
Candied bacon on a stick, hot dog wrapped in bacon on a stick, pint of bacon

21. Schaeffer Catering LLC
Cheddar bacon burger, grilled cheese, gouda, bacon & granny smith apple grilled cheese, meat-za grilled cheese, peanut butter bacon grilled cheese

22. warm sugar bakery
Cupcakes, brownie, crumb cake, pumpkin roll, cinnamon roll, cookies, scones, croissants, all include bacon

23. The Pickle Guys
Pickles and other pickled products (pineapple, mango, olives, garlic, etc)

24. Jerky Rob
Beef jerky, 4 flavors of bacon, prosciutto and vegan snacks

25. Cold Stone Creamery
Ice cream

26. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Caramel apples, assorted chocolates, chocolate-dipped bacon-covered strawberries

27. Palma’s Catering
Rice and beans, pork and chicken skewers, arepas, fried pork rinds, stuffed sweet bananas, roasted pork, stuffed potatoe ball

28. Easton Opioid Awareness Task Force
Informational handouts and information

29. Clever Girl Winery
Packaged wines only

30. Fraktured Sauce
Craft hot sauce, pickled peppers, branded t-shirts

31. Christine’s Bath & Gift Boutique
Hand-crafted soaps, bath bombs, bath & body care products, soy candles

32. The Bacon Jams
bacon jams, bacon er kit

33. Designs by Olivia Grey
Candles and wax melts

34. DigandBark
T-shirts, hoodies, decal, wooden signs, embroidered hats

35. Roxy’s Choice
All-natural multigrain dog biscuits, grain-free dog biscuits, pupcakes with cream cheese & honey, cream cheese & honey biscuits, dog chews, smoked bones & pig ears

36. Crochet Creations by KG
Stuffed animals, crochet bacon stuffies, bacon-themed scarves, seasonal decor (both fall and christmas)

37. Bull and Bear Restaurant
Bacon gyros, thick deep-fried bacon on a stick, bacon baklava, bacon ice cream

38. Jersey Roll
Pork roll, tenders and tots, deep-fried pretzels

39. The Big Chee/Just Fudge It
Big Chee–various grilled cheeses with bacon, tater tots, onion rings, fudge, bacon kettle corn, bourbon bacon pecans

40. Piggyback Treats Company
Goodies for pets! jerky, cookies, bones/tendons/etc, salmon treats, piggyback boxes, the whole hog box, branded gear

41. Sand Castle Winery
Packaged sales only. alpine spice, claret, winesicle, red port, dry rosé, cuvee blush

42. Hazard’s distillery, inc.
Packaged sales only. moonshine: apple pie, butterscotch, peach, sweet tea, lemonade, blackberry and root beer. whiskeys: corn, vanilla coffee, salted caramel and cinnamon

43. Lehigh Valley Martial Arts
Demonstration and promotions

44. TR Historical
Apparel, decor, gear themed, “bacon through history”

45. BSA Troop 3
Bacon s’mores, soft drinks and hot chocolate

46. Bucks BBQ
Candied pork belly, fresh pork rinds, pulled pork sandwich, mac & cheese

47. Otherworld Caricatures
Full body and theme drawings

48. Luco
Alcohol: beer & wine slushies

49. Annie’s pooch pops
Dog treats: handmade in pa all-natural biscuits, beef bones wrapped in peanut butter biscuits

West Northampton St.

50. Smoked & Sauced BBQ
Brisket/pork/chicken sandwich, smoked tater tot casserole with bacon

51. Apple Ridge Farm
Bacon-themed pretzels and focaccia, mustards & garlic radish dip

52. Untamed Ferments
Kombuchas, switchels, fermented root beer & lemonade

53. scratch
Craft beer: Clubhouse Kölsch, Bière Blanche, Seven Bridges Amber, Session IPA

54. Three oak steakhouse/Oak alcohol
50/50 burger
Alcohol: themed cocktails; bacon maple manhattan, granny smith, Just One More

55. Tierra de Fuego
Empanadas, pandebonos, guacamole, chips & bacon, arepa & chorizo, corn on the cob with bacon, chicken/pork & bacon with arepa

56. Isasuma
Handmade bags and accessories from colombia

57. 22 Peppers
Pepper sauces: carolina fire, green heat habanero, yellow flame habanero, spice blends, hoppin hot, scorpion sting

58 Skeggy’s
Axe throwing, apparel, and gift cards
alcohol: lumberjack shot, swine sangria, high noons, seasonal beer, hard cider & seltzer

59. Taylor Taco Shop
Chicken BLT taco with chipotle cream, smoked pork belly with sticky sauce + sesame slaw, bacon corn salad with avocado cream and salsa roja

60. Green Vida Co.
bacon cider, bacon jam grilled cheese, detox lemonades, ginger shots

61. Aman’s Artisan Indian Cuisine
Bacon tikka burger

62. Highmark Farmstand
Gourmet peanut butters (including bacon PB), fresh-pressed apple cider, and locally-produced gourmet bacon specialties – great gifts!

63. Easton Farmers’ Market
Win a Martin Guitar in the market’s annual raffle, or purchase some souvenir swag from America’s Oldest Open Air Market!

64. Maxim’s 22
Pork belly and bacon biscuit (house-cured pork belly, duck fat biscuit, apple butter, bacon-dijon vinaigrette, pickled red onion, local greens)
Alcohol: craft beer, hot bacon-infused cider (alcohol & non-alcoholic), hard cider, bacon-infused bourbon

65. Green Mountain Energy

66. Thedogboneguy.com
Angus beef bones, healing treats, organic catnip, beeswax paw balm, natural flea-tick repellent

67. Cutco
Kitchen tools, garden tools, bbq set, cookware, flatware

68. BAVTS Food Truck
Smoked bacon and cheddar biscuits with braised pork belly and bacon jam

69. Jersey Pickles

70. Breakaway Farms
Packaged sales; 50 varieties of retail packaged bacon, freezer ready

4 varieties of bacon jerky (traditional, sweet & spicy, bourbon soaked & hot)

Chocolate Covered Bacon
Milk Chocolate: naked or with nuts
Dark Chocolate: naked or with nuts

North 3rd St.

71. Two Rivers Brewing Company
Two Rivers’ Bacon or Pork Roll Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Korean BBQ Boneless Pork Shank Sandwich, Bourbon-Apple Pie Bacon & Cheddar Grilled Cheese
Alcohol: red/white wine, sangria, bacon old fashioned, hot or cold cider

72. Facets
Sterling silver, jewelry, stainless jewelry, christmas ornaments

73. No Bones About It Pet Bakery
Dog treats and pet bandanas

74. Scentsy
Wax warmers and waxes

75. JD’s House of Bacon
Bacon on a stick with 6 different glazes

76. House of Cupcakes
Gourmet cupcakes

77. Got chocolate, inc
Cookies, fudge, truffles, chocolate covered items

78. Aromatheraputty
Color-changing putty infused with essential oils

79. Torchbearer Sauces
Hot sauce, garlic sauce, bbq sauce, mustard and super hots

80. Twisted Steaks
Cheesesteak pretzel, bacon cheesesteak pretzel, bacon loaded waffle fries, bacon loaded cheesesteak egg rolls

81. Tandoor Grill
Bacon curries and rice bowls

82 RCN

83. Thrivent

84. Five Star Home Foods

85. Beyond Hello

86 Wow Wagon Food Truck
Burnt ends brisket burger with bacon jam, grilled shrimp tacos, pig dippers (fried slab bacon on a stick coated in funnel cake batter), squealers (boneless pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and smoked grilled in bbq sauce)

87. Bloom Beauty Bar and Boutique
Apparel, purses, handbags, jewelry, gift items

88. Stone Street Tye-Dye
All our tie-dyes are created and handmade and hand-drawn by Rich Simons. each item is a wearable one-of-a-kind piece of art.

89. Stewart’s Root Beer
Stewart’s hot dogs, hamburgers, floats, ice cream and water ice

90. Sherri’s Crab Cakes
Crab cake sandwiches and crab platters, bacon toppings, cream of crab soup and sides

91. Nectar of the Vine
Gourmet wine slushy mixes in 20+ flavors

92. Marisol Sinchico
Handmade alpaca clothing and accessories

93. Richie lou’s catering & concession, llc
Ribbon fries with toppings, corn dogs with or without bacon, funnel cake with or without bacon, strawberry-banana smoothies

94. Ciao Sandwich Shoppe
Bacon riceballs and blt’s

95. Bake’n Bacon
Bacon sandwiches, smoked brisket sandwiches, baked mac & cheese. variety of bacon options.

96. The Little Sicilian
Sicilian arancini (rice balls) including bacon arancini

97. Sweet Girlz
Cupcakes, deep fire cupcakes, cookies muffins, parfaits, candied bacon on a stick

Centre Square

98. Silver City Mugs
Stainless steel mugs, soda pop (old-fashioned and standard flavors), metal straws, mug clips

99. Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ
Jumbo turkey leg, pig roast, pit beef, Carolina smokies (12″), ribs

100. House of Cupcakes
Gourmet cupcakes

101. Blue Mountain Vineyards & Cellars
Packaged wine sales only

102. Horr’s Specialty Hot Dogs
Chocolate, peanut butter & caramel-covered bacon, bacon wrapped corn dog, specialty hot dogs, corn fritters, nachos

103. JD’s House of Bacon
Bacon on a stick with 6 different glazes

104. You Got Pork’d
Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, smoked chicken, pork belly, bacon baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw

105. 3rd & Ferry Fish Market
sticky bacon boneless wings, bacon corn dog, bacon steak fries, soup
Alcohol located in pigskin lounge: craft beer, hoggy mary with an old bay rim, apple cider sangria, fall harvest mule, high noon seltzer

106. Stoke
Sweet and spicy slab bacon bites, bacon meatballs with spicy tomato sauce

107. Master Asador
Pork spare ribs, skirt steak sliders, argentinian, sausage sandwich

108. Breakaway Farms
Bacon Charcuterie Cones: Bacon Charcuterie, Cheese, Pickled Vegetables & more!

109. Angry Archie’s
Lobster roll with deep fried bacon pieces, clam chowder, bacon infused chowder with clams, crab & bacon poutine, chicken sandwich, citrus crema crab & bacon cake sandwich

110. Lou’s Concessions
Chicken bacon ranch fries, bacon cheese burgers, burgers, bacon cheese dogs, hot dogs, bacon-topped corn dogs, deep-fried pierogies, pumpkin funnel cakes, maple bourbon funnel cake

111. Island Noodles
Ingredients include our own soba noodles, a variety of 21 fresh vegetables, and a proprietary island style sauce. vegetarian, bacon & chicken option

112. Pretzel Revolution
Chicken bacon ranch, bacon egg and cheese, banana bacon nutella

113. Breakaway Farms
5 Flavors of Bacon on a Stick!

Traditional Hickory Smoked, Applewood, Bourbon Brown Sugar, Double Smoked Maple Pepper & Garlic Chipotle

114. Phillips Pet Supply

115. Easton Main Street Initiative
bacon knots

116. Frozenlandia
Frozen yogurt, lemonade, frozen lemonade, pretzels, water, iced coffee

117. The Flying V
Classic poutine, bacon poutine, (american or canadian bacon), maple bacon poutine, chicken bacon ranch poutine, buffalo bacon poutine

118. Zuzu Confections
Frozen banana, mango, pineapple, or strawberry in chocolate, and bacon, 72% dark or 34% milk chocolate coated bacon nibbles, peanut butter bacon cups, candied or caramel local Fuji apples, and Drinking Chocolate served iced or hot.

119. Pearly Baker’s
Alcohol: craft beer, bacon infused bourbon & hot cider, bacon bloody mary, harvest sangria

120. The Standard
Fries, bacon fries, cheese fries, garlic pizza slices
Alcohol: bacon-themed beer and bacon-infused cocktails

121. Bacon Me Crazy
Bacon-wrapped sausage, bacon cheddar mash

122. Bacon Bites
Chocolate-covered bacon products, plush pigs and bacon pillows, slab bacon

123. The Bayou Easton
Peanut butter bacon beignet, chicken bacon ranch cheesesteak, apple smoked bacon mac & cheese with crispy pig skin
Alcohol: hurricanes, blue bayous, bacon hot toddy, craft beer

124. Spuds Events and Catering
Gourmet burgers and fries with a variety of bacon related toppings

125. Sette Luna
Pork belly, Maple Bacon Cannoli (Crispy bacon shell, maple mascarpone filling, vanilla cream drizzle, topped with chopped bacon), Bacon Fries (fresh-cut fries, bacon aioli, chopped bacon, smoked salt)
Alcohol: beer, bloody mary, hot bacon cider, bacon-infused bourbon shots

126. Unity Bank

127. Sugardale

128. Lehigh Valley Health Network

129. Porters’ Pub
Bacon chili, bacon donut, bacon meatloaf sandwich, bacon cheddar perogies
Alcohol: craft beer, smoked garlic bacon bloody mary, bourbon & bacon, mules, Irish coffee

S. 3rd St.

120 Silver City Mugs
Stainless steel mugs, soda pop (old-fashioned and standard flavors), metal straws, mug clips

131. Mediterra
Handcrafted olive wood kitchenware

132. Hawg House

133. Barry’s Buns
Bacon buns, bacon waffles, bacon hot chocolate, mini bun cup, bacon cookie sandwich

134. Carmellas Italian Deli and Pastries
Bacon cannolis, lobster tail, pastries, assorted italian pastries

135. C&S Grocers

136. IBEW Local 102
Sponsor, stop by and charge your devices by the hog wild stage

137. Keystone Harley Davidson

138. Stocking Stuffers/Ali Hosheshi
Handmade baja sweaters, Mexican bags, jewelry and hand dyed bucket hats

139. Buttercups Bake Shoppe
Cookies, cupcakes, breads, pie, cookie dough

140. Easton Candle Company
Soy candles

141. Native Expressions
Hand-woven clothes and accessories, bamboo musical instruments

142. Power Home Remodeling

143. Boyds Cardinal Hollow Winery
Packaged sales only. jalapeno wine, whiskey mead, agave wine, hazelnut port, strawberry wine, and more

144. Rocky’s Hot Sauces
(Flavors: bacon, bbq, garlic, lime, original, taco, pineapple)

145. Happy Tomato
Pumpkin and bacon funnel cake, chicken and bacon spiedies, bacon funnel cake, bacon cheese steaks (chicken or beef)

146. Sundance Vacation