Bacon & Brew

Bacon & Brew!

Bacon is unquestionably one of the best foods ever to be discovered. It pairs with everything; cocktails, desserts, other meats and of course BEER!

Join us at Bacon & Brew for a taste bud explosion as you sample 6 craft beers from Weyerbacher, paired with 6 different kinds of bacon provided by Breakaway Farms.

Bacon & Brew runs noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday ($20 per person, 21+, tickets available on site while supplies last)

Reserve a spot by purchasing a VIP ticket in advance for $25. The VIP tasting hour runs from 11 a.m. to noon Saturday and Sunday and includes a PABF 2021 pub glass.


Pairing 1

Applewood Bacon: Our No.1 selling bacon, Applewood has a classic mildly sweet and smokey flavor.

Beer Pairing: Merry Monks, 9.3% ABV, is a Belgian-style Tripel. Pilsner malt combined with an Abbey yeast strain yields a remarkable and complex flavor packed with notes of spice, banana and pear. Nicely balanced with a moderate to dry finish.

Pairing 2

Bourbon Brown Sugar: New since our last Bacon & Brew tasting in 2019, Bourbon Brown Sugar Bacon has been introduced to rave reviews. Real Kentucky bourbon, lots of sweet brown sugar and authentic hickory wood smoke.

Beer Pairing: Blithering Idiot, 11.1% ABV, is brewed in the British tradition of balanced, hearty ales. It’s a deep-copper ale with notes of date and fig. The finish is warm and fruity and begs for the next sip.

Pairing 3

Double Smoked Maple Pepper Bacon: an old time classic made with PA maple syrup and coated in cracked black pepper. Heavily smoked with local hickory wood.

Beer Pairing: Vienna Lager, 5% ABV. Built upon the spirit of enjoying highly drinkable lagers that still have plenty of character depth, Vienna Lager brings to the table a light maltiness followed up with toasted bread and toffee.

Pairing 4

Festive-Fall Bacon: All of your favorite fall flavors jammed into a bacon. You’ll taste cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice & cloves. Lightly smoked with PA wild cherry wood.

Beer Pairing: Quad, 11.9% ABV. Big and delicious, QUAD is an elegant dark ale. Rich with complexity and flavor, try savoring it with a fine dinner. You also might enjoy it as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to a dessert, but QUAD stands alone quite well. We recommend enjoying QUAD in a brandy snifter or wine glass so you can drink in the aroma of this fine ale.

Pairing 5

Garlic Chipotle Bacon: Combining the classic flavors of fresh garlic and smokey chipotle peppers, Garlic Chipotle Bacon is smoked with the mild and smooth smoke of pecan wood.

Beer Pairing: Pilsner- 4.2% ABV Our Pilsner is exactly what it should be, a crisp and refreshing beer brewed with 100% pale malt, lightly kettle-hopped and cold conditioned. Crush responsibly.

Pairing 6

Cinnamon Roll Bacon: Sweet with more than a hint of cinnamon & vanilla paired.

Beer Pairing: Tiny, a Belgian inspired Imperial Stout weighing in at 11.8% ABV. You’ll find big chocolate and roasted notes, balanced with the Belgian flavors from the Abbey yeast strain. This beer is very smooth and lacks the astringency you sometimes find in these big Imperial Stouts.

**Guests who bring in their pairing ticket (paper or e-ticket) to the Weyerbacher Tap Room, 905 Line St. in Easton, will receive 10% off their ticket at the Tap Room, AND be entered into a raffle to win a private event ($350 value) at our Tap Room!