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Bacon & Brew Tasting

2020 Details Coming Soon

Bacon is unquestionably one of the best foods ever to be discovered. It pairs with everything; cocktails, desserts, other meats and of course BEER!



2020 Pairings Coming Soon!


2019 Pairings: 

Traditional Bacon with Sexy MotherPucker

Dry cured bacon that is smoked with a mix of hickory, apple and cherry woods paired with 7.5% ABV sour ale with bright citrus notes.

Hickorywood Bacon and Little Monster

Hickory imparts that classic cured meat flavor and bold, dark amber color to the bacon paired with 4.5% ABV focused on a balance of roasted barley, white wheat, biscuit and chocolate malts.

Applewood Bacon and Merry Monks 

Lighter and sweeter than hickory, applewood bacon is very popular and lends a unique flavor to the bacon paired with 9.3% ABV pilsner malt combined with Abbey yeast strains to result in a complex flavor with notes of spice, banana and pear.

Cherrywood Bacon and Schulter Bier

Cherrywood has a rosy color and sweet flavor paired with 4.4% ABV Vienna Lager packed with subtle nuances and crafted for maximum drinkability.

Beechwood Bacon and 23rd Anniversary

Beechwood is an ancient wood with a deep flavor, not often used to smoke bacon paired with 11.1% ABV Imperial Golden Stout with roasty, chocolatey qualities along with hints of dark fruit and tobacco.

Oakwood Bacon and Finally Legal

Oakwood is strong, piquant and beautifully colored paired with 13.5% ABV big stout which has a rich chocolate flavor with hints of vanilla and a touch of smoky bacon.

Pecanwood Bacon and Greenlite Lager

Mild and savory, pecanwood steps back and lets the flavor of the pork shine through paired with 4.2% ABV brewed with 100% American 2 Row Malt, a dusting of German hops, and fermented cool with Mexican Lager yeast.

Cinnamon Roll Bacon and 22nd Anniversary

Cinnamon Roll Bacon is a perfect balance of cinnamon, sugar and vanilla and just the slightest hint of smoke paired with 11.1% ABV with a backbone of specialty malts, spices and orange peel. Sweet, bready, caramel flavors should prevail along with hints of smoke, spice, and citrus.


*There will be a Weyerbacher Ambassador at Bacon and Brew available with more information and for any questions.