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Grab your dancing hooves and move to the sounds of our PA Bacon Fest Musicians!

If you are interested in playing at PA Bacon Fest 2018, please fill out this online application. Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit with a small music budget. Entertainment will be chosen based on genre and cost. Thank you.


After filling out this application, and you have any questions, please contact:

Hog Wallows Area

(on S Third St.)

Hog Wild Stage


11 am – 1 pm        Family Animals (Eccentric Rock n’ Roll)

2 – 4 pm                 Tim Harakal Duo (Acoustic with a pop-rock edge)

4:30 – 6 pm           Fish Eyed Blues (Blues/Rock)


10:15 am                5K Awards Ceremony

11 am – 1 pm        Jake Thistle (Classic Rock)

2 – 4 pm                 Jim Gaudet & The Railroad Boys (Hillbilly Rock n’ Roll)

4:30- 6 pm            Zaire (Classic Rock)

Swine Loop Area

(on Ferry & S Second St.)

Swine Stage


10 am – 12:00 pm  Ash and Snow Acoustic Trio (Blues, Folk, Pop, Rock)

12:30 – 1 pm            Costume Contest

1:30 – 3 pm              The YeahTones (Rock n’ Roll)

3:30 – 4pm              Hog Calling Contest

4 – 5:30 pm             Jake Thistle (Classic Rock)


10 am – 12 pm       Geerbox (Rock/Funk/Dance)

12:30 – 1 pm           Bacon Eating Contest

1:30 – 3 pm             Shake, Rattle & Soul (Motown, Classic Rock, Dance)

3:30 – 4 pm             Hog Calling Contest

4:30 – 6 pm            The Fight Back Home (Alternative Rock/Pop Punk)


Farm to Fest Area

(near the Easton Public Market)

Farm to Fest Stage


10am – 12 pm  DJ/Music

1 – 3 pm                Kendal Conrad (Country)

4 – 6 pm                Steve Brosky (Rhythm & Blues)


10 am – 12 pm   Yippee Skippee Puppet Theatre

1 – 3 pm                Craig Thatcher & Nyke Van Wyk (Rock, Rhythm, Blues, Celtic and Everything In-between)

4 – 6 pm               Tim Harakal Duo (Acoustic with a pop-rock edge)

School of Rock Stage

High on the Hog Area

(on N Third St.)

Saturday & Sunday

SOR_logo-stack-black-2School of Rock – Easton

School of Rock Easton, where students learn to rock their worlds. School of Rock Easton has the best combination of instructors, instruments, and captivating programs to get your student strumming, drumming, playing, or singing their way to rockstar status. At School of Rock Easton, we believe as much in the power of the band as we do in the thrill of a killer solo act. We bring our kids and the community of Easton together to create excellent performers who learn from cool, real life experiences in the world of music. Our performance-based approach amps up our students for serious fun and serious success.
Music in a team-based environment is today’s gateway to education, confidence, fun, friendship, and so much more.

It’s The Party After The Party!

WXPN presents Funky Dance Party at the State Theatre

Join your host, Funkmaster David Dye, on Saturday, November 3rd, 6pm- 9pm!

This event is free to attend but you must pre-register