Vendors :: PABaconfest


More than 150 vendors from Philly food trucks and farmers’ market vendors to local restaurants will offer an incredible selection of bacon and pork dishes – both savory and sweet! The City will be filled with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon sizzling in a cast iron skillet, whole pigs slow roasting on a spit and BBQ simmering to perfection. You can wash down your bacon deliciousness with a craft beer, bloody mary or a refreshing infused lemonade or sweet tea. #PABaconFest2017


Ready to Eat

3rd & Ferry Fish Market

Item(s): 1/2 lb Slab Bacon in a Cup, Bacon Bacon Tacos, Bacon Disco Fries

1/2 lb. Maple Smoked Slam Bacon in a Cup Tacos with Bacon Aioli, Slab Bacon, Cilantro Slaw Fresh Cut Fries Tossed in Bacon Aioli, Topped with Bacon, Cheddar, and Bacon Gravy

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $12.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Angry Archies

Item(s): Lobster Roll. Crab Cake, Clam Chowder, Crab Poutine, French Fries, Chicken Sandwich, Lemonade

Lobster Roll; Toasted potato bun: Spicy Corn Mayo topped with deep fried bacon pieces Clam Chowder: Bacon infused Chowder with clams, potatoes and bacon and topped with fresh crab meat and bacon Crab Poutine: French Fries topped with lump crab meat and bacon over a creamy bacon crab sauce Chicken Sandwich: Chicken Thighs, bacon, arugula and spicy aioli and citrus crema Crab Cake: Toasted potato bun with jumbo lumb crab meat spicy aioli arugula citrus creama and bacon pieces Fresh squeezed lemonade

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $18.00

From: Jersey City (Hudson), New Jersey

Atomic Hogs BBQ

Item(s): BBQ

Roast pig, Texas angus beef brisket, Memphis style pulled pork, baby back ribs. Sides: mac & cheese, spanish rice and beans, baked beans with brisket, burnt ends, cole slaw, collard greens. Drinks: water, teas, soda

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $36.00

From: Effort, Pennsylvania

BOB-B-Q Sliders & Sides

Item(s): Bacon and Bleu Shredded Brisket Slider, Signature Pulled Pork Slider, Jerk Chicken Slider, Seasoned Fries, Seasoned Pierogis, Baked Beans, Coke, Sprite,Water, Snapple

Shredded beef brisket served on a 'slider' whole wheat bun topped with bacon and bleu cheese. Pulled pork served on a potato slider bun topped with Carolina mustard and coleslaw. Shredded chicken served on a potato slider bun topped with Tropical Salsa. Our baked beans are homemade with thick cut maple bacon.

Price: Min: $6.75 Max: $13.89

From: Bloomsbury, New Jersey

Bacon Knots

Item(s): Garlic bacon knot

Garlic Bacon Knot

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $6.00

From: ,

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Item(s): Bacon Mac & Cheese

Three Cheese elbow Macaroni topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon.. YUM!

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $0.00

From: New Hope, Pennsylvania

Bacon Me Crazy

Item(s): Bacon Wrapped Hot dogs, Bacon Wrapped Sausages, Bacon Bacon Cheddar Mash

The best darn sausage, hot dog and mac & cheese topped with and wrapped in bacon!!!! This would be our 4th year as a participant in the PA Bacon Fest. It's also our most favorite & proudest event. If it wasn't for our experience in Easton, our business would never be where it is today. We've been chosen as one of the 15 Top Food Trucks in NJ and People's Choice for NJ's Beer, Bourbon Bacon Fest two years in a row. We love Bacon. We love Easton & we love what we do!

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $15.00

From: New Hope, Pennsylvania

Barry's Buns

Item(s): Honey Glazed Bacon Sticky Bun with Maple Cream Cheese Icing, Maple Bacon Liege Waffle (Plain & Chocolate Dippped), Gourmet Drinking Chocolate topped with Candied Bacon Crumbles

Honey Glazed Bacon Sticky Bun with Maple Cream Cheese Icing - A sweet yeasted dough rolled with Barry's signature filling and honey glaze topped with candied bacon crumbles and a maple infused cream cheese icing. Maple Bacon Liege Waffle (Plain & Chocolate Dipped) - A rich, dense, sweet, and chewy waffle that is the most common waffle available in Belgium. An adaptation of brioche bread dough with chunks of pearl sugar. We will be offering 2 varieties infused with candied bacon crumbles (one plain and one chocolate dipped). Gourmet Drinking Chocolate topped with Candied Bacon Crumbles - A 12oz cup of Barry's signature gourmet drinking chocolate topped with whipped cream and candied bacon crumbles.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $5.00

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bees Knees Grill

Item(s): Grilled Cheese. Grilled Cheese with Bacon. Come up. Bacon Kimchi Reuben. Fat Apple with Bacon.

Classic Grilled Cheese (v) (GF) $5 American on white, grilled to perfection. Classic with bacon (GF) $7 Everyone's favorite sandwich with everyone's favorite meat. Fat Apple (GF) $8 Soft creamy Havarti cheese, Bacon, granny smith apples, and baby greens, grilled on artisan sourdough. Kimchee-Bacon Reuban (GF) $8 A twist on a classic reuban: kimchee instead of sauerkraut, crispy Bacon, and russian dressing on marble rye. The Come-Up (GF) $9 Avocado, Bacon, Cheddar and ranch grilled on artisan sourdough. Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $5 Flavors- Elderberry, Hibiscus, Lavender, Peppermint, or classic.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $9.00

From: Chester Springs, Pennsylvania

Big Poppa's

Item(s): Pigtails, Whole Hog Dog, Rooter to the Tooter, Brine & Swine, Pork Belly sandwich, Pulled Pork sandwich with slaw and bacon

Pigtails - Nathan's hotdog wrapped in wonton and bacon. Whole hog dog - Nathan's hotdog topped with pulled pork, bacon and cheddar. Rooter to the Tooter - kielbasa topped with pulled pork, bacon and cheddar. Brine & Swine - deep fried pickles topped with bacon and southwestern ranch sauce. Pork belly sandwich.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $8.00

From: Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Boy Scout Bacon S'Mores

Item(s): Bacon S'Mores, Hot Chocolate, Soft drinks and water

Bacon S'Mores, hot chocolate, bottles sodas and water.

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $5.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Breakaway Farms / Bacon on a Stick


Just like in years past, we will have 5 unique flavors of thick cut, hardwood smoked, homemade Bacon on a Stick! As regular members of the Easton Farmers Market, we have been a part of Bacon Fest since it was just an idea. We are proud to say that we live BACON! We raise our pigs outside on pasture on our farm without the use of any chemicals. We make more than 30 kinds of tasty, tasty bacon in our on-farm butcher shop. We attend area Farmer's Markets year round where you can try all of our delicious pork products. Come try: Traditional Hickory Smoked Applewood Smoked Sweet & Spicy Double Smoked Maple Pepper Garlic Chipotle We can't wait to serve you again at Bacon Fest!

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $20.00

From: Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

Bucks BBQ

Item(s): Jalapeno bombs, candied bacon skewers, pulled pork sandwiches

Bombs- split jalapeños stuffed with apricot cream cheese, lil smokey dog wrapped in bacon and smoked skewers - thick cut bacon on skewer, smoked and glazed with our honey sweet sauce pork - pulled pork sandwiches on bun with cole slaw

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $9.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Bull & Bear

Item(s): Bacon Ice Cream, Bacon on a Stick, Bacon Gyro

Bacon Ice Cream - Made specifically for this event by JAS blend of Cream Bacon and Honey.. $5 Cup Bacon Gyro- Traditional Greek Gyro topped with a Thick piece of bacon........$9 Bacon on a Stick- Extra Thick Broiled Bacon on a Stick 8oz Piece ........$6

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $10.00

From: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Calle Del Sabor

Item(s): Tacos

See attached menu

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $10.00

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cape May Crab Cake Factory

Item(s): Chicago Crab Dog. Crab Cakes.

Chicago Crab Dog featured on Food Network, Crab cake sandwich piled high with Dill Pickle, Cole Slaw, Corn Salsa, Peppercini and topped with Chipotle Mayo. Crab Cakes - .Plain or Sandwich - $7. Crab Cake Meal - $10 (with Cilantro Lime Rice). Crab Cake BLT - $10 (new for this event).

Price: Min: $7.00 Max: $10.00

From: Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey

Chocolate Moonshine

Item(s): Fudge, Truffles and chocolate covered bacon

At least 15 different kinds of homemade fudge At least 20 different kinds of homemade, hand painted truffles All made with Belgium chocolate and natural ingredient. Moonshine fudge and truffles will be available as well. (Bourbon, Rum, Whiskey) Gluten free except for the items containing alcohol.

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $6.00

From: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Cinnamini Donuts

Item(s): Bacon Bagga Minis, Bags of Donuts, Buckets of Donuts, Lemonade, Hot Drinks, Bottled Beverages

Bacon Bagga Minis - 8 cinnamon sugar mini donuts topped with maple brown sugar bacon & maple syrup - $9 Apple Donut Trifle - 6 cinnamon sugar mini donuts topped with warm apple pie filling, whipped cream & caramel - $8 Bag of 6 Mini Donuts - Choice of sugar topping - $5 Bag of 12 Mini Donuts - Choice of sugar topping - $8 Bucket of 36 Mini Donuts - Choice of sugar topping - $18 Bacon Bucket - 36 cinnamon sugar donuts topped with maple brown sugar bacon & maple syrup - $22 Dipping Sauce Add On - Nutella or Reese's - $1 Small or Large Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - $3/$5 (7 flavors available) Hot Chocolate - $3 Hot Coffee - $3 Hot Apple Cider - $3 Bottled Drinks - $2

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $22.00

From: Royersford, Pennsylvania

Cold Stone Creamery

Item(s): Ice Cream (Including Maple Bacon Ice Cream)

Our ultimate ice cream catering trailer includes every delectable combination taste buds can dream up. From fresh fruit, to chocolate chip cookie dough, to every possible kind of candy, everything tastes better when enjoyed over one of Cold Stone’s delicious, freshly made, gourmet ice cream flavors. Our award-winning crew will prepare incredible creations for your guests. We bring the Cold Stone Creamery right to you!

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $9.00

From: Long Valley, New Jersey

Coney Island Wood Fired Pizza

Item(s): Wood Fired Pizza

A variety of bacon specialty pies made with the freshest ingredients and cooked in Our Mobile Brick Oven.

Price: Min: $12.00 Max: $14.00

From: Riverdale , New Jersey

Country Girl Kettle Corn

Item(s): Variety of flavored popcorn & drinks

Mini sample bags $1 Small bags $4-$6 (flavors such as kettle, bacon, bacon & cheddar, over the rainbow, chocolate bacon, bacon jalapeño popper, white cheddar & more) Medium bags $6 (kettle only) Large bags $8 (kettle only) Drinks $2 ( bottled soda , Gatorade, water)

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $8.00

From: Plains, Pennsylvania

Dales Concessions

Item(s): Maple bacon funnel cake, bacon pierogies.

Funnel cake made with maple syrup and bacon. Pierogies with bacon and cheese.

Price: Min: $7.00 Max: $0.00

From: Kunkletown, Pennsylvania

Empanada Monster

Item(s): Mozzarepa Stuffed w/Bacon, Bacon Egg & Cheese Empanada, Beef & Chicken Empanada w/Bacaon Salsa, Tostones, Maduros, Colombian Soda, Coke/Pepsi products, Water

Bacon stuffed Mozzarepa – Maple Bacon sandwiched between two corn cakes grilled and brushed with melted butter. Bacon Egg & Cheese Empanada – American classic with a Colombian twist. Beef & Chicken Empanada served with Bacon Salsa or Regular Salsa. Tostones - Fried Green Plantains with Bacon Salsa or Regular Salsa. Maduros - Sweet Plantains.

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $6.00

From: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Fieldstone Coffee Roasters

Item(s): Maple Bacon Coffee, Organic Fair Trade Coffee and Tea, Maple Bacon Coffee Beans

Maple Bacon Coffee

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $3.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Five Sisters Food Co.

Item(s): Pork Belly Sliders, Whiskey Tango Sliders, Mac and Cheese Cone with Bacon BBQ Sauce, Fat Ranch, Fat Philly, Pig Fries, Brie Sliders

Pork Belly- Slow braised pork belly with garlic aioli, cucumber, and asian slaw. Whiskey Tango- Whiskey glazed angus burgers with bourbon bbq sauce, thick cut apple wood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and onion ring. Mac and Cheese Cone- Gooey macaroni and cheese in a savory waffle cone topped with our irresistible bacon BBQ sauce. Fat Ranch- Sandwich stuffed with chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, cheese bacon ranch spread and french fries all on a hoagie. Pig Fries Slow smoked pulled pork sprinkled with chopped thick cut applewood smoked bacon, toppling over thick cut french fries with our iPigRoast BBQ sauce. Brie Sliders-Angus burgers with Brie cheese and caramelized apricot onion bacon jam.

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $10.00

From: Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey

Flynn's Catering

Item(s): Bacon clam chowder; cream of potato and bacon soup; bottled water

Our homemade manhattan and New England style clam chowder Cream of potato and bacon soup Bottled water Soup and chowder sold in 8oz, 12oz, and 32oz containers

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $10.00

From: Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Frezys Concessions

Item(s): Funnel Cakes , fried oreos, butterfly fries, hot dogs, burgers, mac and cheese , Hot Cider, soda, water

All Items are served with or without bacon, plus we add the mac and cheese with bacon on our burgers,

Price: Min: $0.00 Max: $0.00

From: Toms River, New Jersey

Glazed & Confused

Item(s): Donuts

The Hangover

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $6.00

From: Kearny, New Jersey

Godshall Farm

Item(s): Bacon, egg, cheese sandwiches with barbecue, ranch and hot sauces; bacon pancakes sandwiched with scrapple and maple syrup; bacon maple lattes

Our prepared foods are all made from scratch on our farm using products from our farm or sourced locally.

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $10.00

From: Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Good Mood Truck

Item(s): Stuffed Burgers - (Applewood Smoke Bacon and Cheddar and Allplewood Smoked Bacon and Cheddar), Avocado BLT Burger, Crispy Mac and Cheese with Bacon Aioli and Crispy Bacon, Cheddar Bacon Rice Balls, Bacon Fries, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Ect.

Stuffed Burgers - 100% Angus Beef stuffed with Applewood smoked Bacon and Cheddar or Gorgonzola Cheese on a Brioche Bun with Lettuce and Tomato Acocado BLT Burger - 100% Angus Beef topped with Crispy Avocado, Bacon, Chipotle Aioli, Lettuce and Tomato Crispy Mac n' Cheese - Home-made creamy mac and cheese lightly breaded and fried until crisp topped with our signature Bacon Aioli and crispy bacon. Cheddar Bacon Rice Balls - Bacon Risotto stuffed with Cheddar Cheese topped with bacon of course Bacon Fries - Our all natural fries topped with our signature Bacon Aioli Sauce and Bacon Crisps

Price: Min: $7.50 Max: $12.00

From: Matawan, New Jersey

Grandma's Cuisine

Item(s): Pierogi , Stuffed Cabbage (Pork) , BBQ Bacon, Shish Kebab (Chicken & Bacon), Potato Pie with Bacon, Potato Pancakes

All food will be Natural, prepared with Polish tradition.

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $6.00

From: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Grilled Cheez Factory

Item(s): Bacon grilled cheese, bacon cheeseburger grilled cheese, bacon cheese steak grilled cheese, bacon fries

Bacon grilled cheese, Bacon chicken grilled cheese, Buffalo bacon grilled cheese, Pizza grilled cheese, Chicken parm grilled cheese. Bacon cheese fries, Bacon Mac n cheese, Chicken Fingers. All grilled cheese come with fries and are big on Texas toast

Price: Min: $8.50 Max: $12.00

From: Hammonton , New Jersey

Heeter's Ice Cream Truck

Item(s): Milkshakes, Soft-Served Cones or Dishes, Banana Splits, Floats, Sundaes, and some novelties

-Please note that we use the highest quality soft serve mix on the market and are known for rich and creamy ice CREAM not ice MILK. All items are made with soft serve ice cream not hand dipped. -Milkshakes will include the option of chocolate caramel bacon ones and maple bacon ones too! -Toppings for soft-served ice cream will include real bacon sprinkles! -Banana Splits will come with the bacon option! -Sundaes will include the option of bacon ones! ( chocolate and caramel sauce with bacon sprinkles)

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $7.00

From: Danville, Pennsylvania

Horr's hot dogs

Item(s): Specialty hotdogs Chocolate covered bacon Bacon corn fritters soda/water

We offer a unique spin on the traditional hotdog such as the bacon peanut butter hotdogs, bacon wrapped corn dogs and our Hula dog topped with bacon red onions and pineapple we offer three varieties of covered bacon chocolate peanut butter and caramel and our corn fritters are a family recipe

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $8.00

From: Avoca, Pennsylvania

Jersey Johnnys

Item(s): Bacon cheddar burger, Bacon philly cheese steak, bacon wrapped hot dog, bacon cheese fries , bacon mac and cheese , bottled birch beer , bottled root beer , bottled orange

Bacon cheddar burger - Fresh handmade patty loaded with cheddar and bacon. Bacon philly cheese steak - Thinly sliced sandwich steak with peppers and onions smothered in cheddar and bacon. Bacon wrapped hot dogs fried to a crispy delight , hand made burgers smothered in cheddar and bacon,the cheesiest fries mounded with bacon.

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $11.00

From: Pequannock, New Jersey

Jersey Rollz

Item(s): Hot Bites, Gourmet Egg Rolls, Tater Tots


Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $9.00

From: Mine Hill, New Jersey

Jerzey Eatz

Item(s): French Fries, Cheese Fries, Bacon Cheese Fries, Fried Mac & Cheese Bites, Chicken Fingers, Cheesesteak (add bacon), Short Rib Sliders, Pulled Pork Sliders, Chicken Bruschetta Sliders, Buffalo Chicken Sliders w/bacon, Sausage, Peppers, and Onions, Chicken

Our main menu item is our Half & Half Sliders. The patty itself is half ground beef and half ground bacon.

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $0.00

From: Cranbury (Middlesex), New Jersey

Just Fudge It

Item(s): See description

Fudge Roasted nuts Fudge dipped bacon Bacon whoopie pies Bacon popcorn Bacon s'mores Bacon cannoli Nachos Hot pretzels w/bacon Hot chocolate fudge drink

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $10.00

From: Middleburg , Pennsylvania

Krakus Deli

Item(s): Kielbasa on a stick, Potato Kraut and Bacon Pierogi, Polish Special Plate

Polish Plate consisted of Pierogi, kielbasa and Cabbage Stew

Price: Min: $3.50 Max: $11.00

From: Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Lancaster Burger Company

Item(s): Variety of burgers, French fries and milkshakes

Burgers • The Original $7.00 o Cheddar, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Raw onion • Jalapeño $7.00 o Pepper Jack, Jalapeño mayo, Jalapeño peppers, Lettuce, Tomato • BBQ Bacon $7.50 o Cheddar, BBQ sauce, Bacon, Grilled onion • Sun Rise $8.00 o Pepper Jack, Bacon, Fried Egg Fries • French Fries $3.50 • Buffalo Fries $4.00 o French fries, Buffalo sauce, Ranch dressing • Sweet Potato Fries $4.50 Beverages • Sprite $1.50 • Coke $1.50 • Diet Coke $1.50 • Bottled Water $1.50 • Milkshakes (chocolate and vanilla) $5.00

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $8.00

From: New Providence, Pennsylvania

Lou's Concessions

Item(s): chicken bacon ranch fries, cheese steak and bacon, bacon burgers & bacon dogs, chicken, bacon pierogies. Soda and Lemonade

Chicken is chicken tenders and chicken fries

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $12.00

From: Duryea , Pennsylvania

Ma & Pa's Tex-Mex BBQ

Item(s): Elote, Chicken BLT Empanadas, BLT Burritos, Tex-Mex Taters

Mexican street corn with butter, mayo, Mexican cheese, cayenne pepper and a think bacon crumble. Chicken empandas with bacon, cream cheese, cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Burritos with choice of brisket or chicken, rice, beans, bacon, pico de gallo, cheese and lettuce. Tater tots with choice of meat, nacho cheese, bacon, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $10.00

From: Hamilton, New Jersey

Maison Crepes

Item(s): Crepes and smoothies corn bread stuffed with cheese

Crepes and smoothies made to order fresh ingredients.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $9.00

From: Montclair, New Jersey

Mary, The Queen of Pork

Item(s): Choice of BBQ Pulled Pork, Cheesey Bacon Ranch, BBQ Pulled Chicken Or Buffalo Chicken all over nachos or Mac and Cheese or Sandwiches. New This year is a spicy Bacon Chili

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Nachos Bacon Cheese Dog Spicy Bacon Chili Bacon Mac and cheese BBQ Pulled pork Nachos or Mac and cheese Buffalo chicken mac and cheese or Nachos

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $13.00

From: Jackson, New Jersey

MeatWagon BBQ

Item(s): Pulled Pork, Brisket, Pulled Chicken, Ribs; Bacon Mac and Cheese, Bacon Baked Beans, Candied Bacon, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad; Water/Soda

Pulled Pork, Brisket, Pulled Chicken are served on a club roll. Ribs served as 1/4, 1/2 or full rack. Sides are about 3 oz. The candied bacon is one of our most popular hor d'oeuvres for weddings!

Price: Min: $0.00 Max: $16.00

From: Hatfield, Pennsylvania

More Than Q

Item(s): Pulled Pork and Bacon Sliders, Bacon Potato Salad

Bacon infused pulled pork on a brioche slider roll. Bacon Potato Salad

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $0.00

From: Newtown, Pennsylvania

One Big Party BBQ

Item(s): Bacon Pineapple BBQ Pork Ribs, Smoked Bacon BLT Sandwich, Texas Style Brisket, Topsy Jerseyan Sandwich, Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon & Chipotle Cream, Pork Lovers Baked Beans, 5 Cheese Mac w/ Candied Bacon

Bacon Pineapple BBQ Pork Ribs, St. Louis Ribs with a spicy rubdown & glazed with a homemade sweet & savory pineapple bacon glaze. Smoked Bacon BLT Sandwich, bacon, bacon and more bacon. Smoked bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Pile this classic as high as you want and when in doubt, add more bacon. Texas Style Brisket, our wet aged beef brisket cooked low and slow with our signature dry rub blend. Topsy Jerseyan Sandwich, the sandwich with it all brisket, pulled pork, smoke low country sausage topped with our homemade slaw and a pickle. Scalloped Potatoes with Bacon & Chipotle Cream, Chipotle chiles add heat and zing to a traditional side dish. These thinly sliced spuds are riddled with bacon. Pork Lovers Baked Beans, We go whole hawg loading this hefty pot of pork n' beans with plump beans, applesauce, savory smoked bacon, and our hickory BBQ sauce. 5 Cheese Mac w/ Candied Bacon, made fresh at each event our five cheese Mac with maple and brown sugar candied bacon.

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $15.00

From: East Windsor, New Jersey

Porters' Pub & Restaurant

Item(s): Smoked whole pig, Bacon Nachos, Bacon Chowder

Locally sourced Heritage breed pig smoked on site both days. Served as a sandwich or platter Porters' Pub Nachos with cheese and bacon Home made Bacon Chowder Hops infused Bacon

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $10.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Potato Pancakes

Item(s): Homemade potato pancakes along with homemade pierogies and soup.

Bacon Potato pancakes. Potato bacon and cheese pierogies. Bacon, egg and cheese pierogies. Jack Daniels Pulled Pork pierogies. Potato and bacon soup. Soda and bottled water.

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $6.00

From: Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Pretzel Revolution

Item(s): Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed Pretzel, Bacon Egg and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel, Banana Cinnamon Nutella Bacon Stuffed Pretzel, Bacon Cheese Pretzel Dogs and Regular Hand Twisted Soft Pretzels.

We are serving 5 different pretzel creation with 4 of them being in the bacon theme and one being a traditional hand twisted soft pretzel. We also intend to sell bottled water and sports drinks within any beverage sponsor guidelines. Bacon Egg and Cheese Stuffed Pretzel- Bacon, egg and American cheese hand rolled into our homemade pretzel dough. Chicken Bacon Ranch Stuffed Pretzel- Chicken breast, bacon and tomatoes smothered in a ranch sauce and hand rolled into our homemade pretzel dough Banana Nutella Cinnamon Bacon Stuffed Pretzel- Sliced banana topped with chocolate Nutella and bacon, hand rolled into our homemade pretzel dough and sprinkled with cinnamon. Bacon Cheese Dogs- Hot dog with American cheese and bacon hand rolled into our homemade pretzel dough. Traditional Hand Rolled Soft Pretzel.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $12.00

From: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Québec Bacon Fest

Item(s): Power dog

Sausage filled with cheese and bacon, wrap with bacon, on a stick!!

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $6.00

From: Saint-Bernard, Quebec

Richie Lou's

Item(s): Ribbon Fries (Idaho or Sweet potato) with cheddar and real chopped bacon or chopped bacon and maple syrup, bacon wrapped corn dogs, funnel cake with maple syrup and bacon, fresh ice-blended lemonade, strawberry banana smoothies

Fresh cut Ribbon fries (Idaho or Sweet potato) with cheddar and real chopped bacon or chopped bacon and maple syrup Thick cut bacon wrapped hot dogs or corn dogs Funnel Cake with maple syrup and chopped bacon Fresh Ice-blended lemonade Fresh strawberry banana smoothies

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $12.00

From: Collegeville , Pennsylvania

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Item(s): Caramel Apples dipped in chocolate and rolled in bacon, 8 other types of acaramel apples, Chocolates, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, other assorted items

One visit to our store and you'll discover why Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is the number one destination of chocolate lovers everywhere. Throughout our store you will discover a fantastic variety of yummy chocolates and confections to satisfy cravings of even the most ardent chocoholic! Watch as we dip crisp apples in thick, bubbling caramel from a traditional copper kettle. Smile as we roll them in a rainbow of tasty toppings to complete your old fashioned treat. Linger awhile longer and learn how fudge is made as we fashion a creamy loaf on a traditional marble slab, the old fashioned way, right before your eyes. And of course, everyone gets a free sample! But don't leave without sharing your experience with a gift of fine chocolate, elegantly crafted and beautifully packaged in boxes, tins and baskets. We invite you to explore our site for product information, special offers or news and events. And when you're ready, give us a call or stop in. We'll keep the kettle cooking for you!

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $9.00

From: Flemington, New Jersey

Roosevelt's 21st

Item(s): Fries Pulled Pork Bacon

Bacon Mac & cheese balls. Bacon on a stick . BBQ basted pulled pork sliders. Handcut fries. Bacon cheese fries. Pulled pork cheese fries. Garlic Fries. Cheese Fries. Seasoned fries. Dessert, Bacon chocolate funnel cake fries.

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $9.00

From: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Sarin Grill

Item(s): 1. Chicken bacon on a stick teriyaki 2. Veg. Fried Rice 3. Veg.Pad Thai tofu 4. Veg. Lomine 5.Veg.egg roll 6.water soda and Lemonade

Chicken bacon teriyaki Wrap bacon around each cube of chicken

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $0.00

From: Springfield , Virginia

Sherlocks Pitt Beef

Item(s): BBQ roast beef, Fresh brewed Iced Tea and Botted Water.

Roast beef, cooked on site, Sliced paper thin, Piled high, on a 6" Philly sub roll , Topped with your choice of Caramelized onions, BBQ sauce, or the hottest Horse Radish you ever had.

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $9.00

From: Abbottstown, Pennsylvania

Sherri's Crab Cakes

Item(s): Crab Cake Sandwich (also sold as a platter with coleslaw & Chips), Cream of Crab Soup, Lemonade & Ice Tea

Crab Cake Sandwich (Topped with Bacon strips per customers request) Cream of Crab Soup sprinkled with Bacon Crumbles Coleslaw - premade by Feeser Foods Lemonade & Ice Tea 32oz cups

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $11.00

From: Camp Hill , Pennsylvania

Shorty's Funnel Cakes

Item(s): Funnel Cakes, Deep Fried Oreos, Freshly squeezed lemonade, bottled soda & water

FUNNEL CAKES: Regular and Pumpkin batter with powdered sugar, cinnamon & sugar &/or glaze ($5/$6 ) SPECIALTY TOPPINGS: Maple Bacon, Apple, Smores, Peanut Butter Cup, Fluffer Nutter, Salted Caramel & Confetti ($6) Deep Fried Oreos (5/$4) Freshly squeezed Lemonade, Orangeade & Limeade ($3/$6) Bottled soda & water ($2)

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $6.00

From: York, Pennsylvania

Shuman's Concessions

Item(s): Bacon Cheddar Popper Sausage, Sweet Italian and Hot Italian Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Pulled pork BBQ, Hot dogs, hamburgers, Pretzel Braids, Soda's and Water

This is our first year in Easton. We use a PA preferred butcher who makes our sausages to order. For this show, we are trying a new sausage that we call the Bacon Cheddar Popper. Its a sausage that has, of course, bacon, some cheddar and some fresh Jalapeno. Our sausages are preferred as well by all the folks that attend all of the Carlisle Events Car shows.

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $8.00

From: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Smitty's French Fries

Item(s): Fresh Cut French Fries, Chicken Fingers, Pierogies, Soda, Water

We make fresh cut french fries with cheese and for Baconfest we do them with a special cheese and bacon sauce

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $9.00

From: Effort, Pennsylvania

Smokin Joe's BBQ and Grill

Item(s): Pig Picken Roast (Pulled Pork), Pit Beef Brisket, Carolina Smokies to the EXTREME, Heart Clogger, Smokehouse Ribs, JUMBO Turkey Legs, Brunswick Stew, Collard Greens, Loaded Potato Wedges, Pepsi Products

1. Fire roasted pork 2. Beef or Brisket on pit 3. Homemade sausage covered with chili cheese baked beans onions and pulled pork it comes in the one foot or two foot size 4. Heart clogger 3 inch pork chop cooked in pineapple puree, top with pulled pork bacon coleslaw and a grilled pineapple 5. Smoked turkey drum 6. Traditional ribs

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $42.00

From: Randallstown, Maryland

Soda City

Item(s): Stainless Steel Mugs, Old Fashion Soda Pop (7 Flavors)

I sell stainless steel mugs with unlimited refills of old fashion soda pop (Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Orange Cream, Birch Beer, Black Cherry, Diet Root Beer, and Sparkling Lemonade). Also, I donate a portion of my proceeds throughout the year back to various departments of Fire, Police, and EMS.

Price: Min: $12.00 Max: $25.00

From: Monroe Township, New Jersey

Star of the Sea Seafood

Item(s): Food: Crab Cake Sandwich, Lobster Patty Sandwich, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Clams Casino, Crab Balls, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp & Scallops, Breaded & Coconut Shrimp Drinks: Coke, Water, Sprite, Rootbeer

All products are hand prepped. The Crab Cake, Lobster Patty, Clams Casino & Bacon Wrapped Shrimp & Scallops are all cooked on the grill. The Crab balls, Lobster Mac & Cheese and Breaded & Coconut Shrimp are all fried. We will cook bacon at the beginning of the festival and will add it to any sandwich. We will also chop it up as bits and offer it as a topping on the Clam Strips, Calamari or any other items applicable. These are other items that we can sell if you prefer: Flounder, Oysters, Calamari, Clam Strips, Lobster Roll, New England Clam Chowder

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $9.00

From: West Berlin, New Jersey

Stewart's Root Beer Mobile Restaurant

Item(s): Hamburgers and hot dogs. Ice cream floats and bacon topped ice cream - Stewart's brand fountain sodas, lemonade and iced tea

All food items come with bacon. Hamburgers and hot dogs featuring bacon, cheese, chili, kraut. Ice cream floats and bacon topped ice cream - Stewart's brand fountain sodas, lemonade and iced tea

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $15.00

From: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Sycamore Grille

Item(s): Crab cake 9 BLT Crabcake 11 Fries 5 Bacon Cheese Fries with sour cream and sirachi $8 Chicken Bacon Corn Chowder $6 Bacon Brunch Skewers (2) $7 Bacon & Cheese Risotto Balls with beer & Cheddar Dip $6.50/7 Potato & Cheese Pierogies with bacon sour cream

A bacon filled menu offering our delicious crab cake sandwiches topped with creamy remoulade, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Our bacon brunch skewers have developed a Baconfest cult following. Bacon wrapped chicken tenders dipped in sweet batter and lightly fried drizzled with bourbon maple glaze. Other favorites our the Loaded bacon cheese fries, Creamy chicken, bacon corn chowder, Potato & Cheese Pierogies with bacon sour cream and the Bacon and Cheese risotto balls. A veteran baconfest vendor! We are ready for Baconfest insanity!

Price: Min: $0.00 Max: $0.00

From: Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania

Taste Of Poland

Item(s): Polish Food

NEW!! Monster Cut : Grilled 1/2lb. Slab Bacon Sandwich Topped with Sauerkraut & Onions. Grilled Smoked Kielbasa with Sauerkruat Sandwich. Potato & Cheese Pierogi Topped with Applewood Smoked Bacon. Stuffed Cabbage. Kielbasa Kebab. 1/4 lb. Plus All Beef Hot Dog . Coke 16.9 oz bottle. Diet coke. Nestea. Water.

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $0.00

From: Great Meadows, New Jersey

The Cow and The Curd

Item(s): Wisconsin Battered Fried Cheese Curds (served w/chipotle bacon ranch dipping sauce); Poutine

• Wisconsin Battered Fried Cheese Curds - The cornerstone of our menu -- young, fresh Wisconsin cheddar that's battered and fried to golden perfection • Chipotle ranch bacon dipping sauce - Our signature dipping sauce with bacon added especially for BaconFest • Poutine - Fresh cut fries, scratch-made brown gravy, fresh cheddar curds, chopped bacon

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $12.00

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Flying V Food Tent

Item(s): Peameal Bacon & Poutine

Peameal Bacon: REAL Canadian Bacon. Pork Loin that we brine ourselves for 5 days, roll it in a corn meal crust, slice it thin and flat top griddle it. It has hints of maple, slightly salty, and very tender. It is also not found anywhere that we know of in the country! Poutine: French fries (fresh cut), cheese curds (locally sourced) and homemade beef gravy. Choose from various meat topping options (American bacon - locally sourced from Styker Farms, Canadian Bacon - made by Flying V, Lamb, Braised Short Ribs, Pulled Pork, Turkey, Smoked Brisket).

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $14.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

The Fry Guy

Item(s): Gourmet Fries

All fresh cut fries with different toppings. 6 different fries in total all with different tastes and involving bacon in all.

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $18.00

From: Jackson, New Jersey

The Guac Spot

Item(s): Chips with Bacon Guac, Avo-Cannoli with Candied Bacon, Candied Apple Roast Pork Taco, Bacon Avocado Toast

Chips with Bacon Guac - Corn tortilla chips with a generous side of guacamole topped with crumbled BACON. Avo-Cannoli with Candied Bacon - Homemade avocado cannoli cream with candied maple BACON ends. Sweet & Savory. Candied Apple Roast Pork Tacos - Roast pork loin in our spiced up brown sugar rub, smothered in our housemade IPA BBQ Sauce, topped with Green Apple Cabbage Slaw, guac and bacon Bacon Avocado Toast - Whole wheat panella bread, topped with arugula, diced tomato, guacamole, BACON, and our housemade balsamic reduction Roast Pork Nachos - Corn tortilla chips topped with IPA BBQ sauced pork, topped with avocado-lime crema, guac, and BACON Black Bean Nachos - Corn tortilla chips topped with seasoned black beans, quinoa, bell pepper, avocado-lime crema, cotija cheese, guac and BACON.

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $15.00

From: Little Falls, New Jersey

The Hawg House

Item(s): The Sloppy Hawg, The Hawg House Split, Pulled pork sandwich, Hot dogs w/o pulled pork. Smoked Wings with bacon sauce. Brisket Sandwich, Assorted canned soda, water, and Fresh squeezed Strawberry Lemonade.

The Sloppy Hawg (Pulled Pork nachos with cheese and bacon) The Hawg House Split (A scoop of garlic mashed potatoes, scoop of pulled pork, scoop of Mac & Cheese or baked beans, with two slices of dill pickle topped with bacon pieces and sauce). Smoked Hot Dogs w/o pulled pork. Smoked pulled pork sandwich with choice of sauce, Smoked brisket sandwich, Smoked Wings with bacon sauce or your choice of sauce. Mac and Cheese, Baked Beans, Fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade, and assorted canned soda, and water. Assorted BBQ sauce, mustards and rubs.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $10.00

From: Barto, Pennsylvania

The Little Sicilian

Item(s): Various Sicilian Riceballs, Tiramisu and Cannoli

We feature over 30 different types of Arancini (Sicilian riceballs) including our Pizzaball, The Buffalo Chicken Riceball, a Seafood fra Diavolo Riceball, Sausage & Broccoli Rabe Riceball and so much more. We will create a menu including bacon specific riceballs like our peppered bacon and cheddar riceball that has been a huge hit in the past. We are very unique to the tri state area menuwise and will provide a great source of variety to this years event.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $10.00

From: Yardley, Pennsylvania

The Pickle Guys

Item(s): Pickles, Peppers, Tomatoes, Olives, Okra, Pineapples, Mangoes, Garlic, and Pickled Products (Everything is pickled)

All types of pickles, New pickles- fresh liek cucumbers, 1/2 Sour pickles, Full Sour Pickles- Sour and Garlic. Hot Pickles, Sweet Pickles, and many other pickled products.

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $17.00

From: New York, New York

Tropical Cuisine

Item(s): Bacon Jerk Chicken, Jerk Pork , Bacon Wrapped Jerk Shrimp, Jerk Chicken Bacon Wrap , Fried Fish Bacon Wrap, Bacon wrapped plantain, Curry Chicken, Jerk Bacon Macorni and cheese, Bacon Wrapped Fried chicken , Strawberry Lemonade, Passion Fruit Punch , Ging

Bacon Jerk Chicken- Chicken wrapped in bacon and cooked on the grill with exotic spices and flavor Jerk Pork -Seasoned Pork with exotic spices and flavor cooked on the grill or stewed down Jerk Chicken Bacon Wrap - Exotic Blend of spices and flavor with bacon in a Wrap with lettuce and tomato with a special sauce Bacon Wrapped Jerk Shrimp - Jerk Shrimp with bacon cooked on the grill Bacon wrapped plantain- Plantain wrapped with bacon and fried Jerk Bacon Macorni and cheese- Jerk Bacon cooked with mac and cheese Bacon Wrapped Fried chicken - chicken Wings wrapped with bacon and fried Strawberry Lemonade, Passion Fruit Punch , Ginger pineapple punch , Mango Iced Tea

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $18.00

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Two Rivers Brewing Company

Item(s): Breakaway Farms ¼ Pound Bacon Slab. Beakaway Farms Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich. Breakaway Farms Loaded Bacon Brown Ale and Cheese Soup. Bacon Toffee brownie bar. Hot Apple Cider.

Breakaway Farms ¼ Pound Bacon Slab $7 with or without maple peppercorn glaze. Breakaway farms Bacon Egg and Cheddar Sandwich $7 on brioche roll with cheddar cheese. Bowl of Breakaway Farms Loaded Bacon Brown Ale and Cheese Soup $8 with pumpernickel croutons. Bacon Jajapeno Popper Grilled Cheese $7 Thick sliced country white bread, mozzarella and pepper jack cheeses, jalapeños, onion jam......and BACON.Grilled with bacon fat. Yup Bacon Toffee Brownie Bar $4. Hot Scholl’s Orchards Apple Cider $4.

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $8.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Unique Concessions

Item(s): Tatostix (fried potato on a stick w/ seasoning), Waffstix (waffle on a stick with sweet drizzle), Fresh Popped Kettle Corn (bbq bacon flavored), Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

We are a returning vendor from 2016 formally known as DanJo's Kettle Korn. We decided to grow and add more options to our menu. We now sell Loaded Twisted Chips, Fresh Popped Kettle Corn (bbq bacon flavored and are regular kettle), Fresh Squeezed Lemonade.

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $13.00

From: York, Pennsylvania

Wow Wagon Food Truck

Item(s): Fried Bacon-Macaroni & Cheese Balls, "Pig Dippers", "Squealers", Bacon-Potato Pancakes w/ Apple Chutney, "Spud on a Stud", Bacon-A-Tor Burger, Bacon-Garlic-Parmesan Truffle Fries, Pork Slammer, French Fries, Fried Pickles

"Pig Dippers" - Thick Maple Candied Slab Bacon on a Stick, Dipped in Funnel Cake Batter & Fried. "Squealers" - Seasoned boneless Pork Rib, smoked on a stick & glazed in BBQ. sauce & Grilled. "Spud on a Stud" - A large seasoned Potato Wedge wrapped in Bacon on a stick, Fried & served w/ a Cheese sauce. Bacon-a-tor Burger - our 6oz. Burger w/ thick slab bacon, cheese, lettuce tomato & Bacon Jam. Pork Slammer - our own smoked pork BBQ. w/ Smoked Cheddar Cheese, fried onions & Bacon on Grilled Sour Dough. Fried Bacon-Macaroni & Cheese Balls - our Bacon-Macaroni & Cheese, breaded in balls and fried. Bacon Potato Pancakes - Grilled & served w/ an apple chutney. Bacon-Garlic-Parmesan Truffle Fries - French Fries w/ Bacon,Garlic,Parmesan Cheese, Smoked Sea Salt, Truffle Oil & topped w/ our own Truffle Dressing.

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $10.00

From: Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Ziggy's Roaster, Inc.

Item(s): Roasted Corn (on the cob), Corn in a Cup, Veggie platter, Roasted Corn Bacon Chowder, Stickles - pickle on a stick

We apply a wide variety of seasoning for our customer with the roasted corn or corn in a cup. We have our signature Krazy Korn - Mayo, Parm and Cajun seasoning. Any variety of the following seasonings: Butter, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cajun, Old Bay, Cinnamon and Sugar. Our NEW ITEMS: Bacon Wrapped Corn - Corn seasoned to the customers liking and wrapped with a strip of Bacon. Bacon Chipped Corn - Corn with mayo and any seasoning sprinkled with chips/bits of Bacon (real bacon not bacon bits). Veggie platter - Corn base seasoned to the customers liking topped with an ample amount of veggies - can add Bacon 3 strips. Chowder - infused with our roasted corn and tasty Bacon.

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $12.00

From: Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Zuzu Confections

Item(s): Chocolate and confectionery products

Panned bacon bits and more, barks of bacon, nuts and fruits, bacon truffles, molded bacon or fresh fruit domes. Local Fuji apples both candied (candied maple bacon, candied peanut bacon, brown sugar bacon, and more), and in caramel, chocolate, bacon and more. Drinking chocolate. Fresh Fruit in Chocolate. Bacon Brittles with or without peanuts.

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $25.00

From: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Packaged Food

Bacon Bites, Inc.

Item(s): Chocolate Covered Bacon (Original, Reese's, Milk, Peanut Butter) Bacon Oreo, Bacon Twinkies, Slab Bacon, Bacon Potato Chips, Bacon Bites Bags, Plush Pigs, Bacon Body Pillows

Bacon Bites fully enrobed & beautifully packaged chocolate covered bacon products, smoked slab bacon dry cured (no refrigeration needed) Bacon body pillows & plush pigs. Smokey The Pig will be back or the 4th year taking photos and hamming it up. Created by Chef Lawrence Rosenberg- As Seen On US of Bacon, Dr. OZ, Food Network Guy's Grocery Games.

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $20.00

From: Fairview (Bergen), New Jersey

Blue Mountain Vineyards & Cellars

Item(s): 2015 Pinot Noir, 2011 Merlot, 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2015 Petite Sirah, Sangria, Red Horizon, 2013 Chardonnay, 2015 Riesling, Mountain Spice, Mountain Frost, 2016 White Merlot, Bri's Blush

We are a Lehigh Valley Wine Trail winery complete with a large selection of European style wines both sweet and dry. We plan on offering a limited selection of our best sellers for sample and for sale by the bottle. We have been in business for over 30 years and have attended prior Bacon festivals with you in the past.

Price: Min: $12.00 Max: $27.50

From: New Tripoli, Pennsylvania

Bramble Ridge Honey Farm

Item(s): Honey

We are honey producers as well as other products from the hive: Extracted honey, creamed honey, comb honey, Honey Lotion, Honey Soap, and Beeswax Lip Balm

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $15.00

From: Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania

Breakaway Farms / Bacon Nirvana

Item(s): 30+ Flavors of BACON! + Chocolate Covered BACON + BACON Jerky

Seriously, we make more than 30 different flavors of BACON! Come try Traditional, Applewood Smoked, Country, Sweet & Spicy, Double Smoked Maple Pepper, etc, etc. We'll even have up to 9 new flavors this year. Which ones will make the cut? Maybe Blueberry Thyme? Maybe Sriracha? Bring a cooler and stock up. Fest'ers drive for miles just to get our bacons. We hope to see you too! Don't forget to grab a couple pieces of Chocolate Covered BACON for your sweetie too! Or maybe he or she is more of a jerky fan? Then grab one of our 3 different flavors of BACON Jerky!

Price: Min: $15.00 Max: $15.00

From: Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

Buttercups Bake Shoppe

Item(s): Bacon scones, maple bacon cupcake, bacon m&m toffee cookies, vanilla cake pop, french toast bacon cake pop, chocolate chip edible cookie dough, bacon cinnamon bun edible cookie dough, birthday cake edible cookie dough, ricotta cookies, blueberry & apple p

Bacon Scones- Maple bacon cream scones topped with a crispy bacon slice and drizzled with a maple glaze Maple Bacon Cupcake- Bacon streusel cupcake topped with a maple bacon buttercream finished with a chocolate drizzled bacon slice Bacon M&M Toffee Cookie- Bacon, m&ms, and heath toffee pieces baked within a brown sugar cookie Ricotta Cookie- Ricotta based cookie topped with a milk glaze Vanilla Cake Pop- Vanilla funfetti cake coated in a white chocolate shell finished with rainbow sprinkles French Toast Bacon Cake Pop- French toast bacon cake coated in a maple white chocolate shell finished with a chocolate drizzled bacon slice Remember when your mom said "Don't eat the dough!". Well...this cookie dough is fully edible. Contains no eggs! The Classic Cookie Dough- Everyone's favorite chocolate chip cookie Breakfast Of Champions Cookie Dough- Brown sugar based cookie dough filled with cripsy bacon chunks and maple glazed cinnamon bun pieces Birthday Cake Cookie Dough- Sugar cookie based cookie dough filled white chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles Blueberry Pie- Blueberry pie with a hint of cinnamon topped with a brown sugar oat crumble Apple Pie- Classic apple pie topped with a brown sugar pecan crumble

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $24.00

From: Stewartsville, New Jersey

Easton Public Market Highmark Farmstand featuring Cape May Peanut Butter Co.

Item(s): Cape May Peanut Butter Co. peanut butter

Bacon peanut butter. Butterscotch peanut butter. Cappuccino peanut butter. Chocolate peanut butter. Honey Roasted peanut butter. Natural peanut butter.

Price: Min: $5.49 Max: $7.99

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Frank's Fine Swine & Beef

Item(s): Beef Jerky, Chicken Jerky and Bottled Water

Our beef jerky is all Angus London Broil and the chicken is chicken breast meat only. We hand slice, marinade and smoke all of the jerky on our smokers at our location in Bridgeport. The jerky is vacuumed packaged in 1/4 lb bags and labeled with Dept of Agriculture approved labels. Each package sells for $10. or $35 if the customer buys a full pound. The selections that will be available are: Sizzlin' Steak - beef, Tastes like A1 Temptin' Teriyaki - beef, Slightly Sweet Garlic Rush - beef, hardy garlic flavor Jerky Jack - beef, marinaded with Jack Daniels Hot Teriyaki - beef, very spicy Jamaican Beef - beef, sweet and spicy Jamaican Chic - chicken, sweet and spicy Chicken Teriyaki - chicken, slightly sweet Bottled Water - 16.9 oz - $1.00 per bottle

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $0.00

From: Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

House of Cupcakes

Item(s): Cupcakes, Cookies, Edible cookie Dough, Iced and Hot Cofffee.

12 Flavors of cupcakes...3 of them will be specialty Bacon Cupcakes Various cookies Edible cookie dough sandwiches

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $5.00

From: Princeton, New Jersey

House of Cupcakes

Item(s): Cupcakes,cookies,edible cookie dough hot and cold coffee

12 various flavors of cupcakes including bacon themed

Price: Min: $3.00 Max: $5.00

From: Princeton, New Jersey

Jak Jeckel Pepper Sauce

Item(s): Pepper Sauces & BBQ Sauces

We have a wide variety of pepper sauces and BBQ sauces with a wide range of heat levels to accommodate everyone: Fiery Spanish Bacon Detroit Style Coney Sauce Butterscotch Mustard Jalapeno Dill Green Sauce Gourmet Pepper Sauce Winter Cinnamon Chipotle Pineapple Sauce Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce Bourbon Ghost BBQ Sauce $6 - $7 each / $10 combo / $12 combo / $20 4-pack combo

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $20.00

From: Philadephia, Pennsylvania

Jerky Rob

Item(s): Beef Jerky, Bacon Snacks and Prosciutto Snacks

Candy Bacon, Garlic Bacon, Prosciutto Chips, Prosciutto Sticks, Beef Jerky - Teriyaki, Beef Jerky - Candied Ginger Beef Jerky - Jersey 'Q' Beef Jerky - Punch of Peppers Beef Jerky - polynesian

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $9.00

From: Westwood, New Jersey

Kendra's Buttercup Bakery

Item(s): Gluten Free\Traditional baked goods, Bacon apple pie panini's, Bacon whiskey bourbon cupcake in a cup, Bacon mac\cheese Milk shakes, Bacon cannoli's, Water, soda,

We have two kitchens and one is a certified gluten free the other is for traditional baked goods. Bacon Whiskey bourbon cupcakes: Chocolate cake layered with bacon, whiskey bourbon ganache and chocolate buttercream. Bacon cannoli's: Bacon strips filled with cannoli cream drizzled with chocolate ganache. Milk shakes: Chocolate and Vanilla. Bacon apple pie panini: Sourdough bread, granny smith apples, bacon, hot pepper cheese. Bacon Mac and cheese: Bacon, elbows, extra sharp cheese. All items listed will have a gluten free option available.

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $10.00

From: Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Rath's Butcher & Delicatessen

Item(s): Bacon Infused Snack Sticks, Beef Jerky, Snack Sticks

Big Homemade Snack Sticks Infused with Homemade Maple Flavored Bacon Bits. Made with local pork from Souderton, PA. Processed, Smoked, and Package in our Butcher Shop. More snack stick flavors available. All cost $1.99 each or 10x for $15. Also have six different flavors of Beef Jerky Available for the same price and deal as Bacon Jerky. Flavors are House, Teriyaki, Smokey Sweet, Hot n Smokey, Hot, and Pepper. all marinated, smoked, and packaged into 4 ounce packs for $6.99 each, 3 for $20, or 6 for $30.

Price: Min: $1.99 Max: $6.99

From: Stewartsville, New Jersey

Rockys Hot Sauce

Item(s): Rockys Hot sauces

7 flavors of Rockys Hot Sauces BBQ, Bacon, Garlic, Lime, Original, Pineapple & Taco

Price: Min: $7.00 Max: $25.00

From: Oreland, Pennsylvania

Sand Castle Winery

Item(s): Rieslings, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Port, Alpine Spice, Santo Rouge, Claret, Dry Rose, Cuvee Blush

Sand Castle PA estate grown and produced wines

Price: Min: $18.00 Max: $32.00

From: Erwinna, Pennsylvania

Sweet Girlz Bakery

Item(s): Pig In Heaven Cupcakes, Chocolate Covered Bacon Cupcakes, Maple Bacon Cupcakes, French Toast with Bacon Cupcakes, Pumpkin Bacon Pancake Cupcakes, Gluten Free Bacon Cupcakes, Custom Iced Cookies in shape of Bacon Strips and pigs.

Pig In Heaven Cupcake: Our delicious cookies and cream cupcake with Reeses Peanut Butter Chips and chunks of fresh cooked bacon baked inside and topped with cookie crumble, Reeses chips and Bacon. Chocolate Covered Bacon Cupcakes: Our moist chocolate cupcake baked with fresh bacon grease, and chunks of bacon inside, topped with whipped chocolate buttercream icing and bacon crumble. Maple Bacon Cupcakes: Our fresh maple cupcake baked with fresh made bacon and topped with vanilla buttercream icing, fresh maple syrup and chunks of bacon. French Toast Bacon Cupcake: Our fresh maple cupcake baked with freshly ground cinnamon and chunks of bacon then topped with fresh cinnamon sugar buttercream icing, maple syrup and bacon crumbles. Pumpkin Bacon Pancake Cupcakes: Fresh pumpkin cake swirled with our maple pancake cake and fresh made bacon incorporated throughout, topped with vanilla buttercream icing Pumpkin Sprinkles and Bacon Crumbles. Mini Chocolate Covered Bacon Cupcakes: Our Chocolate covered bacon cupcakes in a mini version for those who want to indulge but still have room for more bacony goodness. Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Bacon Cupcakes: Gluten Free People need Bacon Lovin Too!!!!! Our moist gluten free chocolate cupcake baked with fresh bacon grease, and chunks of bacon inside, topped with whipped chocolate buttercream icing and bacon crumble. Custom Iced Cookies: Strips of Bacon and Little Piggies

Price: Min: $2.50 Max: $25.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

The Bacon Jams

Item(s): Bacon jam in retail packages

Sweet spreadable bacon jam.

Price: Min: $15.00 Max: $15.00

From: West Chester, Pennsylvania

TorchBearer Sauces

Item(s): Oh My Garlic, Smokey Horseradish, Pineapple Papaya BBQ, Honey Mustard, Carolina BBQ, Chipotle BBQ, Sultry, Tarnation, Zombie, Rapture

All natural condiments and sauces

Price: Min: $8.00 Max: $40.00

From: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Warm Sugar

Item(s): 6 Different Bacon Flavored Cupcakes, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon Brownies, Bacon Scones, Bacon Cookies, Bacon Pumpkin Roll, Beverages

Bacon Infused Cupcakes using quality ingredients from hand crafted recipes.

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $5.00

From: Northampton, Pennsylvania


Item(s): homemade fudge, handmade marshmallows, gourmet cotton candy, hand crafted lemonade

All are handmade and pre-packaged. Will carry multiple flavors of fudge, one of which being maple bacon.

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $12.00

From: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania


Bodacious Caricatures

Item(s): Caricature - Black & White or Color

A comical, personalized portrait hand-drawn by artist Katy Molinaro. Up to 3 people (or pets!) in one sketch at no additional charge. Can also draw from photos! Sketch is created with marker and art stix on 12x16 paper. Guests receive their caricatures in a gift bag.

Price: Min: $10.00 Max: $15.00

From: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Easton Police

Item(s): Easton Police

Meet and Greet with local Police. Selling items like T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and raffle tickets. Free stickers, temp tattoos, and K9 trading cards. What's more "bacony" than the police?

Price: Min: $0.00 Max: $40.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

Face Painting

Item(s): Face Painting & Balloon Animals

Face painting and animal balloons. Full face $7.00 Cheek art $5.00 Animal balloons $2.00

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $7.00

From: Easton , Pennsylvania

Just Plain Crazy FaceArt and More...

Item(s): Just Plain Crazy Face Art

Top quality Face Painting that's Just Plain Crazy fun! We use Hypoallergenic water-based cosmetics to create colorful designs that remove easily with soap and water at the end of the fun.

Price: Min: $6.00 Max: $12.00

From: Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

Sandart Express

Item(s): Sand Art

Children can fill a variety of plastic bottles with 25 colored sands.

Price: Min: $7.00 Max: $10.00

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Item(s): AromaTheraPutty

There is only one type of product I sell, silicone-based putty infused with essential oils. The putty is used by adults and children over 5 by playing with it. It helps with stress, anxiety, focus, concentration, Autism and ADHD. It comes in two sizes, full Size and mini. I currently have 15 different scents of the putty that will all be displayed and for sale.

Price: Min: $4.00 Max: $10.00

From: Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania

CUTCO Knives

Item(s): CUTCO Knives

CUTCO Cutlery has been making high-quality American-made knives since 1949. We are famous for our outstanding line of tools for the kitchen and garden, all backed by a FOREVER GUARANTEE. We have the honor of making the US Military-issued KABAR knife in our factory, for our fine men and women in uniform. CUTCO has a best-in-class product for the kitchen, and we are America's #1 knife!

Price: Min: $28.00 Max: $3,000.00

From: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Complete Crazy

Item(s): Art prints, t-shirts, toys and more

We sell pop culture items ie:(superhero, star wars, horror) art prints,t-shirts,toys

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $100.00

From: Lorain, Ohio

Damsel in Defense

Item(s): Family empowerment books & games, stunguns, pepper sprays, security rfid wallets and handbags, empowerment family body boundry books and games, self protection items

Family empowerment books & games, stunguns, pepper sprays, security rfid wallets and handbags, empowerment family body boundry books and games, self protection items

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $80.00

From: Leesport, Pennsylvania

Hungry Hound Beer Grain Treats

Item(s): Beer Grain Dog Treats (bacon cheddar, CBD/Hemp), logo wear, dog beer, cat wine,

Our main product is beer grain dog treats, many flavors including Bacon & Cheddar. We do also have some other pet products, dog beer, cat wine and logo wear.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $20.00

From: Conklin, New York

I See Spain

Item(s): I See Spain

Ceramic food grating plates and bowls, hand made and painted in Spain.

Price: Min: $25.00 Max: $65.00

From: Swiftwater, Pennsylvania

LuLaRoe Denise McGee

Item(s): LuLaRoe Denise McGee

Clothing for men, women, and children sizes 2t to 24. Our clothing is comfortable, stylish, and affordable. There is something for everyone: leggings, shirts, dresses, and skirts.

Price: Min: $23.00 Max: $100.00

From: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

LuLaRoe Helene Obley

Item(s): LuLaRoe Helene

Clothing for men, women, & kids

Price: Min: $23.00 Max: $70.00

From: Phillipsburg , New Jersey

LuLaRoe Mobile Boutique

Item(s): Womens and Childrens Clothing

We carry over 2000 pieces of the LuLaRoe clothing line. Our items include womens and childrens Skirts, Dresses, Tops, & Leggings, as well as some mens tops. We also have a collaboration with Disney that will be available.

Price: Min: $20.00 Max: $65.00

From: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

LuLaRoe with Tina Russoniello

Item(s): Lularoe

LuLaRoe is a direct sales clothing company selling women’s dresses, skirts, leggings and a children’s wear line. Products are available in a variety of sizes and brightly colored fabrics, and are unique to the brand, ensuring customers get exclusive fashion looks when they attend a pop up boutique dress party.

Price: Min: $25.00 Max: $70.00

From: Phillipsburg, New Jersey

Nectar of the Vine

Item(s): Wine Frappe

Wine Frappe: individually hand-wrapped, prepackaged, gourmet wine slushy mixes which we now offer in 21 delicious original recipe flavors. By taking one bag of our powdered frappe, 1 bottle of dry white wine (chardonnay) and 1 bottle of water you can make our frappe at home. Just mix, freeze, and enjoy without the need of a mixer, blender or ice. Now while the white wine is the original recipe, if you prefer you can spike em the way you like em from wine to moonshine! We love to offer lots of options!

Price: Min: $13.00 Max: $100.00

From: Burton, Ohio


Item(s): Scentsy

Electric Warmers and Scented wax and other fragrance accessories

Price: Min: $2.00 Max: $50.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania


Item(s): TheDogBoneGuy.Com

NJ Fresh Smoked Angus Beef Bones for dogs. Grass Fed , Stress-Free and Chemical Free Cattle. No Growth Hormones, Steroids, Antibiotics, Fresh Every Monday Morning. The Best Beef Bones on the Planet !

Price: Min: $1.00 Max: $20.00

From: Bensalem, Pennsylvania



Item(s): Bamboozeld beer opener plaques and beer key holders

I recycle and repurpose liquor bottles, melt them, add the label back on, glue to a wood plaque and add the opener. Recycled Repurposed glass bottles into beer opener plaques and beer key holders.

Price: Min: $25.00 Max: $38.00

From: W Babylon, New York

Duvall Leatherwork

Item(s): Leather Wallets, Leather Belts, Leather Shoulder and crossbody bags, Wine and Growler Caddies, Bracelets, Coaster Sets, Key Snaps

Handmade Leather Goods.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $365.00

From: Kingston, Pennsylvania

Serving Stone Creations

Item(s): Serving Stone Creations

Granite serving stones/cheese plate/cutting board Granite candles Granite lazy susan's

Price: Min: $25.00 Max: $85.00

From: Northampton , Pennsylvania

Stone Street Tye-Dye

Item(s): Stone Street Tye-Dye

All our tye-dyes are created and handmade and hand drawn by Rich Simons each item is a wearable one-of-a-kind piece of art. We specialize in tie-dye clothing in all sizes and colors from infants to adults some items include, women and girl’s dresses, long sleeves shirts, thermals, onesies, infant hats, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and headbands. Our specialty is hand designed kids & adult t-shirts and onesies/creepers with guitars, sharks, peace signs, pigs, hearts, skulls, dogs, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, butterflies, trucks and more.

Price: Min: $9.00 Max: $26.00

From: Walpole, Massachusetts

The Chef's Duds by Deb

Item(s): Deborah Jorgenson, seamstress - Creator and manager

Aprons for adults and children handmade in over 200 prints. (And yes, we have BACON aprons for everyone!) Embroidered pillowcases and kitchen accessories. Large festival inventory of 400 aprons on site. Custom orders gladly accepted. The Chef's Duds by Deb accepts cash, checks and credit cards. All items are handmade by me, in my home and shipped anywhere in the continental United States. We strive to use and produce Made in America fabrics.

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $15.00

From: Glenmoore, Pennsylvania


Item(s): Token

Bath bombs, Jewelry Hand knit scarves Tote bags

Price: Min: $5.00 Max: $30.00

From: Easton, Pennsylvania

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